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SRCJA LawFit Fitness Leadership Workshop (July 10-12, 2018)



Skyline Regional Criminal Justice Academy in partnership with LawFit/FireFit, LLC is pleased to announce a three-day LawFit Fitness Leadership Workshop. The course will be held July 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2018 (0800-1700 Hours) at SRCJA, Middletown, VA. This comprehensive three-day LawFit Training is a hands-on, experiential approach that motivates fitness leaders in the LawFit Program to lead by example and reinforces the fact that any successful fitness program must have the active support of senior management. This workshop is open to all law enforcement personnel.


To enhance instruction, the three-day workshop consists of 10 two-part Sessions (Activity and Instructional).  Each activity component allows officers to apply, in a practical manner, the concepts they are learning.


Course prerequisites: Participant is fit for full duty as a law enforcement officer and is physically able to participate in the LawFit Fitness Leadership Workshop activities. The workshop’s physical activities include, but are not limited to (one repetition maximum bench press), 60-second sit-up test, sit & reach flexibility test, maximum repetition pull-up test, Lat pull-down test, 1.5 mile run, and 154 yard suspect pursuit). This training may have the potential to put significant stress on the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems of participants.

You must attend the entire three-day course (0800 – 1700) to receive Fitness Leader Certification.


Registration Fee: $400.00 per person.  For registration information go to the LawFit web site:  or contact Dr. David Bever: 703-424-6154 or email: