Central Shenandoah Gear 2018

To:       LawFit Workshop Participants

From:   Dr. David L. Bever

Re:       LawFit Fitness Leadership Workshop Materials and Training Gear

Date:    April 17-19, 2018


  1. LawFit Workshop participants will meet at the Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy for each day’s classes.


  1. Throughout each day participants will need to wear workout apparel (shorts, warm-up suits, sweat pants, t-shirts, and running shoes). No street clothes please. Because of the vigorous activity schedule, it is suggested that each officer bring two sets of workout gear: (one for the morning sessions and one for the afternoon sessions). During the work performance testing session it is suggested that participants wear BDU’s, an agency tee shirt or sweatshirt, and their personal protective vests.


  1. All participants will need to bring a combination lock for storage of valuables during the activity sessions. They will also need to bring two towels for post-workout showers.


  1. Participants should bring several pens, No. 2 pencils, a calculator, and a notebook to each workshop session.


  1. If you have any questions about the LawFit Workshop, Dr. Bever can be reached at:

(703)-591-1759 or (703)-424-6154.


*** During workshop sessions cell phones must be turned off and stored away.  Messages can be checked during assigned breaks.