Challenge competition

The Results of the 2015 LawFit Challenge Competition

This year the Home of the 2015 National LawFit Challenge was Olive Branch,



* New to the 2015 National Lawfit Challenge this year was the requirement

that all competitors were required to wear their personal protective vests

during the pursuit event.

air view

 The results of the National Lawfit Challenge in Olive Branch, Mississippi


First Place          Marcus Christon     MDWFP    418 pts

Second Place    Justin Gates              MDWFP    401 pts

Third Place       Ryan Buckley            MHP           395 pts

Fourth Place    Derrick L. Scott        MDWFP    390 pts



First Place         Rebecca Breeden    Page City, SD      308 pts

Second Place    Amber Orr                 Hornlake PD      280 pts

Third Place       Libby Lytle                 Oxford PD           271  pts

Fourth Place     Emily Fowler            Gulfport PD        262 pts


Overall Final2

Mixed Pairs Final2

Mens Pairs Final 2

Males Final2

Female pairs2

Female Final2

Departments Finals2

 4 Man Teams Final2